Senior Leaders

Mr S Woodhall,
Assistant Head Teacher Behaviour & Wellbeing
Mr S Hall,
Assistant Headteacher Behaviour & Wellbeing
Mr J Lee,
Strategic Lead Behaviour
Mr B Hugill, Strategic Lead Attendance
Mr A O’Neill,
Director of Transition and Progression

Key Stage 3 Team

Miss A Akhtar,
Director of KS3 Pastoral Progress
Mr M Holstead,
KS3 Pastoral Progress Manager
Mrs P Stewart,
KS3 Assistant Wellbeing Manager

Key Stage 4 Team

Mr R Elliott,
Director of KS4 Pastoral Progress
Mr N Hussain,
KS4 Pastoral Progress Manager
Mrs R Delaney,
KS4 Assistant Wellbeing Manager

Key Stage 5 Team

Mrs K Hodson, Associate AHT Post 16
Mr J Hodson,
Assistant Headteacher Post 16
Miss K Clarke,
Post 16 Pastoral Progress Manager
Mrs J Topham,
Post 16 Student Support Officer
Miss C Julian, Wellbeing Manager
Mrs J Page,
Attendance, AP & Families Officer
Mrs D Whitaker,
Student Provision & Transition Officer

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Pastoral Support – SEND

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