What time does school start and finish?

The school day starts at 8.30am and finishes at 2.50pm. Most students arrive in school around 8.15am so they arrive to their first lesson on time. The canteen is open from 07.45am so students can buy breakfast if they wish.


Does school have a breakfast club?

Yes. Breakfast is served in the canteen from 8.00am-8.30am. There is a free breakfast choice for those students on Free School Meals, or you can buy what you would like.


Will anyone from my primary school be in my form with me?

Yes. The Key Stage Team speak to your Primary School Teachers who let them know about friendship matches. They then use this information when placing each student in their forms.


What is ‘form time’?

Form time takes place everyday and gives each student the chance to take part in activities for learning. Registers are taken, equipment checks are done and there are a few activities to complete in order for students to set personal targets and goals, record rewards and monitor sanctions. Form time gives you the chance to make friends in Year 7 and is like your Year 7 family.


How many forms are in Year 7?

There are 12 forms in Year 7.


How many lessons do we have in each day?

Each day you have 5 lessons which are an hour each. You also have form time which lasts for 35 minutes.


What might I need in my pencil case?

A couple of pens and pencil, a ruler and colouring pencils. There may be times you also need a maths set.


What time is break and lunch?

Break is at 11.00am and lunch is at 12.20pm for Year 7, Year 8 and 6th form.


What can I buy for break time snack?

There are lots of different options for break time snacks. Bacon and sausage sandwiches, toast, beans on toast, sandwiches, waffles etc.


What can I buy for my dinner and how much will it cost me?

You can choose from a number of options for dinner; this is a set hot meal which includes a main course, pudding and a drink. This menu changes daily and is £2.30.

A range of cold sandwiches are available, hot panini’s, hot and cold wraps, salads, pasta or noodle pots. These will cost no more than a price of a set meal.


What happens at lunchtime?

Lunchtime starts at 12.20pm. Years 7, 8 and 6th form have lunch together. There are clubs on at lunchtime which students can attend, or students can spend their time with friends in the canteen or outside. The library is also open for students to complete homework or read if they have been issued a library pass. Nurture Club is also an option for vulnerable students in school who may have social, emotional or mental health needs.

Clubs include football, geography, film, games, choir, science, Hanson Voices and art.


What drinks can I bring with me?

Water or dilute juice. No fizzy pop or energy drinks are allowed.


Where can I buy a Hanson uniform?

Hanson uniform can be bought from Whittakers Schoolwear (formerly Henry Smiths at Shipley) and the Uniform Shop (Bradford town centre, Darley Street).


What is the Hanson uniform?

A Hanson blue striped tie, black trousers, white shirt, black blazer (with Hanson Logo), black shoes or pumps, a Hanson lanyard and ID badge. Pumps can be Vans or Converse but not other sports brands are allowed.


Can girls wear skirts?

No. Girls are required to wear tailored trousers.


Am I allowed to wear jewellery?

Small plain stud earrings. No other jewellery allowed. Multiple ear piercings or other piercings are not permitted.


What footwear can I wear?

Black shoes, pumps or boots. Pumps are defined as plain, Vans or Converse – no sports brands are allowed.


Can girls wear make up?

Girls are encouraged to be make up free for school.


Why do I need a lanyard?

A lanyard is your form of ID in school and it is also used to purchase food, drink and for printing. One is provided to students free of charge however if this is lost then the cost of replacement is £5.00.


When will I get a lanyard?

On the first day in Year 7 your student photograph will be taken. This photo will then be used to make your lanyard which will then be given to you on your second week in Year 7.


Are there after school clubs?

There are lots of clubs available after school and the Year 7 club timetable will be displayed in the Year Office and in your form room. Clubs include trampoline, badminton, athletics, football, drama, music, Hanson Choir, Science, netball, dance, cheerleading etc.


Am I allowed to bring my phone into school?

You are not allowed to bring in a mobile phone in to school and we would prefer it if students left them at home. If you do need to bring in a phone, it needs to be switched off and left in your bag or locker. If a student is caught with a phone in a lesson, on the corridor or anywhere in school, this will be removed and a parent will have to collect it from our visitor reception.


How many times will I have PE each week?

Twice a week, each time for 1 hour.


Is PE gender separated?

Yes. Boys and girls are separated and have separate changing rooms.


What can I do if I get lost?

You might get lost in school on your first week, but don’t panic. There are always staff around school who can help and point you in the right direction. Teachers expect students to be slightly slow at getting to lessons in the first week as they are still getting to know the building.


Who can I go to if I am worried, upset or unhappy?

There are lots of people in school who can help you if you’re worried or upset. Firstly, your form tutor can help you as they see you each day and will be more than happy to listen and support you. The Key Stage Team are also available to speak to before and after school, at lunch or during break time. If your concern is really urgent they may also be able to help during the school day.

There is also a ‘Well-Being’ Team at Hanson who are there to help; they along with your Key Stage Team can put support in place such as counselling, group work, nurture and referrals to other support networks such as the School Nurse.

How do I know what classes I have at what times?

Each Year 7 is given their own timetable. This states the lessons you have and at what times. The classroom number is also noted on the timetable.


How will I find my class?

Your lesson will be shown on your timetable, along with a room number which you will need to go to. Each room number starts with the floor the class room is on; for example if you have a lesson in room 123, you will be on the first floor or if you have a lesson in room 459, you will be on the fourth floor. If your room number has four digits it means you are in the West Wing, for example 2116, you will be on the second floor in the West Wing.


What classes will I have in Year 7?

Maths, English, Science, PE, Geography, History, Technology, Art, Religious Education, Drama, Music, PSHE, French or Spanish. Some students will also have Nurture in their timetable.


What school trips can I go on?

Each year in year 7 we have we have a residential. This is a camping trip where you can get involved in lots of outdoor activities such as building fires, making dens, setting traps etc.

In addition to the residential we have rewards trips at the end of school terms; these are usually picked by the students and we go to the cinema, bowling etc.

At the end of each year we have a big rewards day, this usually involves trips to Flamingo Land or the cinema.

There are other opportunities to go on trips with your teachers; these include Skiing, a French Trip and many more.


Is there a rewards system and will I get rewarded for hard work/good attendance?

At Hanson we constantly aim to reward hard work, good attendance and effort. Teachers will give you stamps in journals for students who have tried hard and these are recorded on your profile by your form tutor. The students with the most achievement points may win prizes, have postcards sent home, receive certificates or go on trips. Students are praised for good attendance and are often rewarded in attendance assemblies.

What can I do if I feel like I am being bullied?

If you feel like you could be a victim of bullying it is important to speak out. Your Form Tutor, the Key Stage Team or the ‘Well-Being’ Team are the best people to help you. You could also speak to any member of staff you feel comfortable with.


Are there lockers in Hanson?

Lockers are available on a first come, first served basis. There is not enough for everyone so you have to be quick and bring a padlock into school to secure yourself a locker for the year. Lockers are free of charge although we do recommend spending money on a good quality padlock to keep your belongings secure.