Geography Department

The Department has a dedicated and loyal staff body, who build strong relationships with students. We want to help students make sense of a rapidly changing world, with the focus on academic interest, as well as transferable skills, such as decision making, problem solving, and the analysis of sources.


Hanson Geography Department is department of dedicated, highly qualified professionals. 

Curriculum Leader – Miss E M Hayes

  • BA Geography- University of Durham
  • PGCE Geography – Sheffield Hallam University

Geography Teacher – Mr C Bennett 

  • BA Geography- Lancaster University 
  • PGCE Geography and PE- Leeds University 

Geography Teacher – Miss J E Forster

  • Newcastle University
  • PGDE Geography – Sheffield Hallam University


The department well-resourced with atlases, books, revision materials and all other equipment needed to ensure students can engage well with the Geography curriculum. The department has a number of spacious classrooms which all have projectors and are equipped with a dedicated laptop trolley for student use.


At KS3 all students study Geography, covering topics such as: Population; Migration; Weather; Maps; India; Coasts; Tourism; and Natural Hazards, amongst other topics. At KS4, students are entered for Eduqas B GCSE examinations, where they both build on prior learning at KS3 and are introduced to new topics. There are no tiers so all students can access Grades 1-9.

At KS5, students can choose to study A Level Geography. The course covers interesting topics in both Physical and Human Geography and includes 4 days of independent fieldwork.


The Geography department run a large number of educational visits at KS3, KS4 and KS5. In recent years, KS3 have visited: Blackpool pleasure beach; Chill Factore; The Trafford Centre; Chester Zoo; Yorkshire Wildlife Park; Malham; Italy; France and many other places. KS4/5 students have carried out their own research on residential visits to Manchester, Malham and Wales. In addition to this, students have the opportunity to go on enrichment trips to various amazing places around the world.

After school revision classes are timetabled for GCSE students. In addition to this, students can come to Geography at break and lunch to speak to their teacher and go over anything they are unsure of.

After school, the Geography club meets once a week to discuss and debate current affairs and explore topics that KS3 students are interested in. Pupils have led debates, created presentations and role plays, and have even built their own volcanoes.


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