Effective Tutoring

Effective Form Tutoring


The form tutor will:

Create a form identity and ethos which reinforces the school’s values

Promote the social and academic potential of each student

Encourage students to support and have a mutual respect for each other

Encourage students to become involved in extra-curricular activities

Promise and reinforce Positive Discipline

Relationships with Students

The form tutor will:

Know each member of the form better than any other teacher in school

Be a role model to members of their form

Encourage positive relationships with each other

Be approachable

Celebrate student achievements in and out of school


The form tutor will:

Keep himself/herself informed about the progress of members of the form by:

  • regularly checking planners
  • monitoring credit levels
  • keeping track of assessment points

Share any concerns with the appropriate person

See individual targets for students

Organisation/daily routine

The form tutor will:

Always be punctual

Always take the register on time

Always and consistently address the key issues of attendance, punctuality, uniform and planners

Communicate relevant information to the form

Efficiently deal with routine administration

Ensure the form arrives at assemblies on time

Pastoral Time

The form tutor will:

Encourage members of the form to perceive pastoral time as important as subject lessons

Ensure the time is structured and meaningful

Follow PD guidelines, ensuring students use the time productively

Be prepared


The form tutor will:

Communicate effectively and appropriately with pastoral leaders, subject and support staff

Develop effective links with parents

Encourage students to communicate with each other

Effectively communicate information to students
e.g. notices, letters