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A Typical School Day - Hanson School

A Typical School Day

A Typical School Day Timings of the school day September 2021-22 LessonStartEndP1 (Tutor)8:30 am9:00 amP29:00 am10:00 amP3 (KS3 – Y7/8/9) P3 (KS4/5)10:00 am 10:00 am11:00 am 11:10 amBreak 1(KS3) Break…

Uniform & Equipment - Hanson School

Uniform & Equipment

Uniform & EquipmentStudent Uniform Student Uniform The Hanson tie. Black tailored trousers only. Please note skirts are not permitted. A Hanson black blazer (no coats/jackets to be worn inside the…

Curriculum Intent - Hanson School

Curriculum Intent

Curriculum Intent Our curriculum aims to provide all Hanson students with the opportunity to experience quality education inside the classroom and beyond. In facilitating these learning experiences, we encourage our…

Duke of Edinburgh - Hanson School

Duke of Edinburgh

Duke of Edinburgh Doing their DofE gives young people the opportunity to experience new activities or develop existing skills. There are three progressive levels of programmes which when successfully completed…

Careers - Hanson School


Careers AlumniAlumni CALLING ALL FORMER STUDENTS If you’re a former student of Hanson School, we want to hear from you! Your experiences since leaving could help to motivate and inspire…

Student Leadership - Hanson School

Student Leadership

Student Leadership RationaleRationale It is our common belief that each and every young person has the potential to be a leader. We hope that in creating a student leadership structure…

LGBTQ News - Hanson School


LGBTQ News Dear all While the school is closed until further notice (to the majority but not all students), we don’t want to lose the community that we are developing…

Trips - Hanson School


Student Trips and Experiences Year 7 Kingswood Residential Trip Kingswood Trip Letter Home

Train to be a Teacher - Hanson School

Train to be a Teacher

Train to be a Teacher GORSE SCITTGORSE SCITT Bradford is an exciting adaptation of our outstanding original model. We have been specifically asked by the Department for Education to complement…

Student Voice

Student Voice School Admission Quotes   ‘I felt like I couldn’t do it, but I did! So can you.’ Chloe Jackson 7F   ‘Don’t be frightened to make friends, always…

Remote Desktop - Hanson School

Remote Desktop

Remote DesktopTo use the remote desktop software please download the zip from the following link and following the instructions below.Zip File To run InstructionsClick on zip file to run Once…


Enrichment We are delighted to share with you that in line with the UK Government easing COVID restrictions and entering phase 2 of the roadmap we are now able to…

School Information - Hanson School

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