Our Curriculum

At Hanson School, our core values of ‘Learn, Lead and Achieve’ are at the heart of everything we do and everything we desire for our students. The intention of every member of our School Community, ‘Team Hanson’, is to ensure each and every young person is treated as an individual, and given the opportunity to optimise their potential, whatever their talents. We believe that success should be measured by how our students develop on every front throughout their time at Hanson, equipping them with the self-assurance, belief and attributes to succeed as young aspiring adults.

Our curriculum aims to provide all Hanson students with the opportunity to experience a high- quality education inside the classroom and beyond. Hanson School strives to provide a broad, balanced and inclusive curriculum designed to encompass the needs of all students regardless of background, starting point or ability. Alongside the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science, students will also study subjects that suit their interests and strengths, following well-defined pathways towards their post 16 education and future careers.

Regardless of whether a student has special educational needs and/or disabilities, at Hanson School we strive for equality in our curriculum and aspire to deliver challenging, personalised lessons to students irrespective of their requirements. Moreover, where students struggle to adapt to the demands of the school environment or find external circumstances demanding, we strive to provide the pastoral care and support necessary to overcome these barriers.

In the classroom we want our students to feel valued and sufficiently confident to express their opinions and make their voices heard. However, at Hanson School we strongly believe a powerful curriculum should go much further; our wider curriculum is aimed at broadening minds, enriching sensibilities and providing students with deep knowledge and wisdom. We want our young people to leave with the skills and awareness which will not only create excellent life opportunities but will also prepare them exceptionally well for life beyond the school. This emphasis on developing the cultural capital of our students, for example via the Hanson Pledge, is aimed at empowering young people of all abilities and backgrounds to succeed and includes a commitment to arranging trips, organising residential visits, inviting outside speakers into school, and ensuring Hanson is at the heart of the local community.

We strive to develop students’ characters and develop their tolerance and understanding of different backgrounds through initiatives including but not limited to our PSHE programme, themed assemblies, nurturing tutor groups and varied school experiences, as well as being an integral member of our diverse school population. Voluntary work and extracurricular activities are vital components of our extensive curriculum provision and, importantly, this intent is a ‘live’ and ‘evolving’ offer, subject to continual update and refinement to best meet the needs of our students and the local area that we serve.

We continually maintain high ambitions for our students but, importantly, we also have high expectations of the school to fulfil these aspirations. We recognise that teaching young people is a privilege and aim to have a curriculum that is coherently planned and sequenced to best meet their needs.