Key Stage 3 Assessment Overview

From September 2019, assessment data will be collected and reported home three times per year based on the cycle below.

When students join Hanson, targets are set based on their Key Stage 2 results and end of year targets are produced.  These are based on the GCSE 9-1 grading.

After each assessment point, a report will be produced showing the following information:


Current Grade:                              this is the grade that the student has been consistently working at.


End of Year Target Grade:          this is the grade that would represent expected progress at the end of the year.


Both grades are based on the GCSE 9-1 scale (with 9 being the highest). At Key Stage 3 we use a scale (P9-P14) to monitor and report progress towards GCSE Grade 1.


Attitude to Learning Grade:

In addition the students are given an Attitude to Learning  grade for each subject based on the following parameters: