It is our common belief that each and every young person has the potential to be a leader. We hope that in creating a student leadership structure at the heart of everything we do at Hanson School, we can create opportunity for students to become trailblazers in their future field of work.


Our school places strong emphasis on student leadership. We will endeavour to encourage all students to seize the many opportunities available to them and to strive to hold at least one leadership position whilst being part of our Hanson community. Students will be able to develop their leadership skills, by taking advantage of the customised programs available to them to meet their needs and maximise their potential.


We place strong emphasis on developing our student leaders to be role models who are courageous in exploring and charting new grounds. They are to be role models in lessons, all other aspects of school life and outside of school as well. The student leaders are to set a good example to their fellow peers, thereby influencing them through their actions.