Student Voice

School Admission Quotes


‘I felt like I couldn’t do it, but I did! So can you.’

Chloe Jackson 7F


‘Don’t be frightened to make friends, always believe in yourself’

Lydia Wilby and Wiktoria Jarmolinska 7J


‘It was scary at first but its great when you get used to it.’

Allanta Wallace 7D


‘There are no escalators to success, you have to take the stairs’

Morgan Boocock 7K


‘The Year 7 Team are like a second family’

Kayleigh Howker Metcalfe 7F


‘I felt like the Year 7 Team were there for me and your form feels like a family. I enjoy learning at Hanson’

Khadija Khan 7E


‘Hanson may not be perfect but it has helped me achieve and do many things’

Megan Brocklehurst 7D


‘I made some amazing new friends because of Hanson’

Jessica Preston 7C


‘Live Year 7 as much as you can because you only get to experience it once!’

Fiza Mashmoni 7G and Aysha Rehman 7E


‘Don’t be scared to ask for help, anyone will help you at Hanson’

Nathan Simpson 7D, Billy Manley Smith 7D and Lewis Barnes 7C