Why Hanson?

Stepping stone to life and University


Welcome from C.Buckley and F.Begum

(Director of Sixth Form & Deputy Director of Sixth Form)

Welcome to our Sixth Form. We offer a truly inclusive and diverse range of courses providing individual pathways that inspire and challenge our students as they progress to the next stage of their careers. Benefitting from being attached to the school but with its own distinctive and independent flavour, our Sixth Form fully deserves its good reputation. The focused and hardworking atmosphere underpins our track record of successful UCAS applications and students undertaking a wealth of apprenticeship and employment opportunities.

This success is achieved through the strong links between our students, subject staff and specialist form tutors: the tutor group, in particular, is a powerful and positive part of our guidance programme and career support. Events such as the Duke of Edinburgh, BSL, Peer mentoring, Sports Leadership awards and many more to allow our students to demonstrate all-important leadership and personal qualities in a wide range of extra-curricular settings. Our Sixth Form student leadership team ensures both learning and enrichment have a distinctly Sixth Form feel.

Please take time to fully explore what we do through our section of the website and don’t hesitate to contact me for further information: We will be happy to answer questions you may have.

C.Buckley (Director of Sixth Form) & F.Begum (Deputy Director of Sixth Form)

Sixth Form Ethos

Our ambition is to ensure that young people in the Bradford region enjoy access to an encouraging and academic post-16 education. We embrace, value and celebrate all members of the community.

We will push our students to aim for their ultimate best and make a contribution towards our community through self belief and determination.


Student Leadership Team

The powerful student leadership team in our Sixth Form is led by the prestigious Head Boy and Head Girl positions. These sought after roles are elected by a combination of student vote, Head Teacher interview and application letter. These two students lead a council of elected deputies who hold positions linked to key areas of the college:  there are deputies linked to education, resources, key events, social and careers and – liaising with both the students and staff – they aim to continually improve what we do in the Sixth Form.

Weekly meetings allow the team to discuss current issues and then respond to them; this fluent and rapid reaction allows large sections of the Sixth Form to be run successfully by this team.

As their role develops, the council will have leadership responsibility across the whole school with both and Head Boy and Girl and deputies being involved with whole school events throughout the 11-18 age range. This rightly puts them at the forefront of our School, developing their own leadership experience and personal qualities whilst also impacting positively on the aspirations of their younger peers.


Support for you

Support and guidance are offered in many different ways, not least in the contacts and conversations which take place each day between staff and students both in and outside lessons. As well as these informal contacts, tutorial guidance is designed to enable you to make wise choices, discuss career plans, assess your own progress and seek help if problems arise.


Tutorial support

At the heart of support and guidance in the Sixth Form is the relationship between each student and their tutor. You will be supported by a weekly tutorial programme of activities that will enable you to acquire information, develop skills and engage in discussion. Your tutor will help you to settle into Sixth Form, encourage you to take responsibility for your own learning and to participate in the wide range of opportunities available outside your examination courses. Within the partnership between student and tutor, you will discuss your course and personal timetable, as well as evaluating your progress through the Progress Review process.


Progress Review

Every student at Hanson Sixth Form is regularly involved in reviewing their own progress. Progress Review enables you to assess how you’re doing, establish action plans and record activities you are involved in outside the classroom. Structured discussions about your progress are held with your subject teachers and tutor two or three times each year, but more informal discussions may occur at any time.


Sixth Form Team

At the heart of the School is the Sixth Form Team. This team are there to support you with answers to any questions that you might have about Sixth Form life. We offer a friendly and supportive team who are willing to help you if you’re feeling unwell, unsure, or if you just need someone to speak to.


In addition this team will be monitoring your attendance weekly and tracking your progress then contacting home to alert them to any concerns we might have. Our Student Support Officer is a key part of our Student Services Team and has the time available to talk through any worries or concerns you might have. She could refer you on to our in-house counselling service, or to external sources of support, if that should be appropriate.


The Sixth Form recognises that parents have a major part to play in supporting students throughout their time in Sixth Form. In the first term, parents are invited in for a consultations with subject staff to discuss the progress of your student.  Parents are welcome to contact tutors at the College at any time if they have any cause for concern.